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Restoration process

Before we start

A detailed overview of the car has to be done. We shoot all the available parts of the body and the interior, while the damaged and missing elements are carefully documented. The current status of the vehicle is compared to its technical data. Now we can start the process itself.


The initial inspection of each new vehicle that has to be restored can not always detect all the problems with an engine, aggregate, rama and coupe. The subsequent dismantling of its component parts provides complete information about the status of all units and aggregates. Careful analysis is made of the components that can be recovered, which of them need repairs and which can only serve as a model for producing quality substitutes.


All vehicle components and systems are prepared for recovery according to schemes and diagrams of the manufacturer’s original technical documentation. No deviations and differences from the original parameters are allowed.

Body Repairing

Missing and irreparably damaged chassis and coupe elements are replaced with new ones. They are manufactured in our workshop or delivered by well-established European manufacturers.

Associated parts

All systems and parts of the vehicle are individually restored. A lot of them go through fine-tuning and fitting to achieving full match with the original look. Compromises are not allowed. The details then go to the finishing process - painting, chroming or galvanizing.


Preparation for painting is done by an established procedure - all layers of old paint, primer, other coatings and rust are removed in a sandblasting chamber. The painting itself is done in a paint chamber using high-quality primer and paint. The colors for the different models are selected according to the catalog of the respective manufacturer for the respective month and year of production.

Wooden parts

Many wooden elements are used in the construction of the classic models' body. Given the nature of the material, the original elements are usually used as a model for the production of new wooden details. The new elements are produced from a high-quality array in the carpentry workshop. Modern manufacturing machines and impregnation preparations ensure durability and reliability.

Interior finish

For the equipment of the passenger compartment, together with the restored original elements of the dashboard are used also modern quality materials for floor coverings, upholstery and rolling roof. The quality, texture and colors match the original specifications in the model data.


Here you can see some photos from the assembling process.

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